Instructions About Hungry Shark Evolution

 Hungry Shark Evolution game is very unique as in it we have to complete the different types of stages to earn coins and increase the level. This game is very excited as while playing there are so many things which will come in the way like fishes, gems, gold and submarines etc.  The game contains high quality graphics and new features or to get the gems and coins regularly we have to collect the reward daily.

Attacking the Submarines

While playing the game we should move quickly to protect ourselves from the marines because if we move slowly the submarines will shot the shark. It will also help in make high score and increase the level. If we want to destroy the marines must attack in front of them. The only way to protect yourself from submarines is that you have to response quickly to them.

Ways to Evolve Your Shark

The most common way to evolve your shark by eats all objects in the path while the mission is going. This helps in increasing the level and earns the points easily. The more and more points you have earned the more your level is coming up. Some sharks are very good in points like the Great White, the Tiger Shark, the Hammerhead and the most common is the Megalodon.

Ways to Unlock the Megalodon

It  is the most interesting shark you may unlock. Megalodon shark doesn’t require any antidote to eat jellyfish or any other objects like mines or ships etc. This shark is the main as with this we have all other sharks which eat objects or jellyfish with the antidote.

How to Find the Gulper Fish and Angler

In this we had to find the Angler fish deep inside the water. We have to move slowly inside the water to find this fish and face off many dangers and for the Guplers we have to see the map and look the right cave. It’s near the dartboard and downside the map. Another is the Baby Sharks which swim together with your shark. The shark which we may buy is the baby reef shark.





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