Castle Clash: 2 main currencies that the player need to attain

Are you looking for the game which is consisting of several strategies and extended play? Here is the game Castle Clash. It is a game where you need to make the best loots by riding the building of enemies and try to save your building. The features and gameplay make it exciting and adventuress. Here the main aim is to collect several currencies and try to make all the updates. Most of the player needs to make all the aspects clear like upgrade and selecting the heroes. If you have any doubt then takes a look on Castle Clash review.

As if we are talking about the game currency then you need to make an aspect clear that without collecting money you are not able to complete the game, so try to attain as much as you can.


In the entire game, there are several kinds of money, but two of them are: Gold and Gems.


The gold is the primary currency that is easily attained while playing. It is used for making the building upgrade and many others. Most of the player can use this for buying some equipment which helps win the game. The best way of earning gold is to looting the other buildings.


The gems are the premium currency that is very typical to attain. Moreover, these are a minimal amount in the entire game, that means one can make all the challenges complete. One you will complete the challenges then there is an option to leading the game or upgrade the match so try to make a correct decision.

Thus, these are two main currency of the game. Try to achieve the money at a higher rate which may not face any problem.